What is Coffee French Press

Coffee French Press is a coffee brewing device patented by an Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929.  There are different names for the Coffee French Press.  It is basically a coffee pot or cup with a plunger.  The early design of the Coffee French Press utilized a screen or cheesecloth and rod which coffee drinkers would use to press coffee into a pot of boiling water.  There are many different types of coffee drinking connoisseurs who love their coffee.  The Coffee French Press has created a niche market in the hearts of many coffee drinkers around the world. Read here to looking for best French Press

Over the years the Coffee French Press has evolved into a stylish and contemporary looking design.  The original design of the Coffee French Press by Attilio Calimani in 1929 has gone through changes.  The marketing by a British and Danish company made the Coffee French Press popular across Europe and now the United States and the world.

To make great tasting coffee, you will need a good coffee grinder, your preference of delicious coffee beans and a Coffee French Press which says you love your coffee.  You will need a coffee grinder that grinds the bean in larger particles.  Finely grinned coffee beans will produce a gritty tasting flavor.  The type of filter your Coffee French Press has will also be a determining factor in the grind of your favorite coffee beans.  Filters are made of different materials and the size of the mess screening will be different depending on the brand and style of your Coffee French Press.

There are only a handful of Coffee French Press brands.  The most popular brands are Bodum, Bonjour, Frieling and Le Creuset.  There are many Coffee French Press styles available to accommodate your drinking occasion.

Some of the brand and styles are:

  • Bodum is known for their Kitchen and Tableware.  They are very well known for making quality Coffee French Presses.
  • Bonjour is known for their stainless steel Coffee French Press.
  • Frieling has an insulated polished steel Coffee French Press brand which comes in different fluid ounces.
  • Le Creuset makes colorful enamel Coffee French Presses.

Finding your favorite Coffee French Press is not difficult to do.  Searching the internet is a quick and easy way to find the brand and style that fits your festive drinking occasions.  You will find a Coffee French Press that will satisfy your coffee cravings at one of your local retailers, such as Target, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.  You can find a Press Pot that is right for you by searching online at Ebay, Amazon, or any of the brand makers website.  There are many size’s, styles, colors, looks, styles and prices to choose from.  Drinking size’s range from 8 ounce cups and goes all the way up to larger 48 ounces.  You have many standard color options to choose from, such as orange, black, green, red and many more to choose from.  The taste of your coffee will be so much more delicious and fun no matter which Coffee French Press you feel is right for you and your guests.

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