The Way to Utilize Dr. Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer

It can say that Dr. Brown’s bottles are equipped a unique system of venting. Thanks to that, the flow with the similar pressure to breastfeeding is created. According to the manufacturers of Dr. Brown’s bottles, this system prevents the air bubbles that are created while the baby is feeding. Correspondingly, fathers and mothers can have peace of mind that their baby will not get colic. On the other hand, the Dr. Brown bottle still has the vent reservoirs and inserts, which most other bottles don’t have. The Dr. Brown sterilizer is considered as the best bottle sterilizer that is produced to steam the baby bottles. Right now, I will share with you how to sterilize the Dr. Brown bottle with the same brand sterilizer. Let’s see!

Steps to Sterilize the Baby Bottles with the Dr. Brown Sterilizer Properly

If you are confused with sterilizing the baby bottles with the Dr. Brown model, you can consult the below steps:

Step #1 – Initially, it forces you to have to wash all the parts of the sterilizer with the warm soapy water before utilizing it.

Step #2 – It places the steam plate on the bottom of the sterilizer and turns it as long as you recognize that it is secured.

Step #3 – Now, you pour ~ 6 oz of the water into the center of the bottom.

Step #4 – Each of the bottles should be placed as long as it faces down the round holes. In case you utilize the bottles with the standard size, you ought to push the bottle into the holes that have the crescent shape.

Step #5 – You use the wide-neck bottles for your baby. So, the nipples must be inserted into among the bottles in your sterilizer. In a case of the standard-sized bottles, you should insert their nipple into the hole that is round and have the plus sign.

Step #6 – In this step, the vent will be inserted down, along with the bottle cover is placed facing down. It is that you use the wide-mouth bottles. Let’s remember that you must put the stoppers and the vent reservoirs close to the bottles. On the contrary, if you utilize the standard bottles, it should put them between the bottle and the collar. In the middle, you will place the bottle covers. Similar to the wide-mouth bottles, both the vent reservoirs and stoppers of the standard bottles are placed close to the bottles.

Step #7 – It’s high time to cover the lid of the sterilizer.

Step #8 – The lid must be placed in the middle of the microwave.

Step #9 – Depending on the wattage of your microwave, you will set up the time. If it is 1,000-1,100 watts, you will set up ~ 5 minutes. From 800-900 watts, the time will be 6 minutes. And you will install 8 minutes if it is 500-700 watts.

Step #10 – It waits from 3 minutes after finishing the sterilization. It allows it to cool before removing it out of your microwave.

Step #11 – It removes the bottles by using the tongs.


Before sterilizing, you ought to clean the bottles with warm soapy water. You should know that the sterilization process isn’t a replacement of cleaning the baby bottles before using at the first time.

It steams up ~ 4 bottles for each of the sterilization times.

It hopes that parents owning the Dr. Brown sterilizer will know how to use it properly after reading this article. With 11 simple steps, the baby bottles will be sterilized a safe way before you feed your baby. So great!

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