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A visit to a previously unexplored places is one of the valuable experience which is certainly very impressive. Not only that, visit to this unique place can be an exciting experience to fill the holidays. Places that are suitable for the plan your adventure is one of the natural attractions that anti-mainstream. For those of you who have long struggled in the world, traveling has certainly always thirst for visiting beautiful places that existed in Indonesia. According to the survey, to visit all the Islands in Indonesia takes a long time. Anyway, it’s cool once in Indonesia.

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Nature lovers who want to go to a new place that might previously have not visited. But for those of you who lay, still need to add to the experience of traveling that you also experience more and more. On the other hand, requires a lot of preparation, in addition to traveling, are also in need of physical, mental, and also sufficient funds. But we could save expenses in various ways. For example, searching for the plane, train, promo or travel. Also looking for a promo tour packages or saving up for a long time. Places that are suitable for your adventure could be a plan in place or domicile outside the island you are also a major accommodation cost.

Places that are suitable for your adventures has the character fits for you. For example, you people who like tranquility, you can choose a vacation to the beach which was still virgin. Not only that, you can also go to the mountain or climb to the top to get inner satisfaction. Places that are suitable for your adventures that should also be on the list before you visit it in order not to get confused when the day arrives. For example, the address and route the appropriate place. So on the day we can come according to the forecasts and not waste time on the road due to stray.

Places that are suitable to plan your adventure there are some recommendations that can be selected to show for your traveling. Consider just the following places so that we can add insight and knowledge:

Mountain Climbing

For those who claim to be children traveling, is obliged to climb the mountain.Mountain climbing requires physical and mental fitness. Physical preparation is essential in view of stamina is the main capital in terms of climbing. We do not just stay left. It is very dangerous because it has not been prepared physically mature. Especially for the prime hiking. Places that are suitable to plan your adventure while on the mountain include Mount Semeru, Bromo, Mount Kelud in East Java. Places suitable for adventure plan that can climb a mountain in Central Java Merbabu, Prau mountain, Mount Cleft, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Lawu.


Snorkeling at Beach

So places that are suitable for your adventure plans on the beach, now you can dive in the sea. One of the tourist destinations is underwater obligatoryBunaken, Karimun Jawa and also Raja Ampat in West Papua region famous. Underwater tours may require funds rather a lot. We can save much of the day. For example, we want a holiday next year, we can budget per month for this.

Camp Coast

Suitable places to plan your next adventure is to travel to the beach. This we can choose the beach is still beautiful and rarely visited so that we can do without any interference camp crowd. Of course places that are suitable for a single plan your adventure requires your courage to venture a particularly difficult terrain. Typically beach like this would offer beauty. For example, beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. In addition to never leave litter and remember to always be alert to the uncertain nature.

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