Ideal Snack To Reduce Appetite: Prunes for Weight Loss

Prunes are considered an excellent way to achieving desirable weight. Despite the high calorie content of the product (260 kcal on 100 g), a handful of prunes a day will perfectly fit in your program of weight loss.

Prunes for weight loss

During experiments, subjects reported that after drinking prunes their hunger reduced. Scientists became interested in it and conducted the research which was published in the journal “Appetite”. It appeared that prunes satisfy hunger much better and give sense of satiety, than even sugar cookies. After eating prunes, the level of glucose and insulin in the blood is lower than after cookies. The following research confirmed these conclusions: snack with prunes also allows to lower the level of triglycerides (fats) in the blood better than cookies (Journal of the American Dietary Association).

Prunes are perfect as snack

Greek scientists established that eating prunes before a meal helps to reduce the quantity of the main meal that is consumed.

Rules of consumption of prunes for weight loss

  • It is best to eat prunes prior or after the main meal
  • Eat 4-5 prunes a day for normalization of level of blood sugar and reduce appetite
  • Increase prunes reception if you want, but remember that it contains many calories
  • If you eat too much prunes, you may have diarrhea because of sorbitol which is poorly absorbed by the body
  • Store dried fruits in a plastic container or in a glass jar. Put it in a refrigeration cabinet
  • Mix prunes with dried apricots and nuts – you will have excellent cocktail for a fast snack. Remember that it contains many calories
  • Try to cook with prunes. We recommend the easiest recipe – millet cereal with prunes.
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