All you need to know about choosing the right drum sander

Are you confused about choosing the right drum sander? Are you tired of gadgets which don’t provide in grain finishing? If yes, today’s article would certainly help you find the right solution by choosing the drum sander which is perfect for you. Many different companies are selling professional as well as personal sanders these days. The features of these sanders are quite different. Therefore, individuals often get confused while choosing the drum sander. We would not only go into the details of why you should opt for these sanders but also we would help you choose the right drum sander.

Drum Sander Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right one

We would share with you a few aspects which you should always look into while choosing the right kind of drum sander.

  • Quality of the sander

If you really want proper finishing, the build quality of the sander matters a lot. You have to ensure that it should be made from proper materials so that it can last for a long period of time. You have to also understand that only if it is giving you good quality finish, you can hope for a good return on your investment by buying the sander. All you need to do is to contact a reputed distributor in order to get the right kind of sander.

  • Type of Platen

Platen is the bottommost foundation of the sander. It is the part of the sander which helps it in reducing vibration as well as the friction which is generated by the machine. In order to provide proper stability to the sander, the platen is often wider as compared to the rest of the machine. Thus, while choosing the sander it is a better idea to look at the type of platen as well as the size of the platen.

  • Speed of sanding

Different materials would require different speed of sanding. You need to have some control over the sanding speed. That is why, before choosing the sander, you have to 1st find out whether the speeds can be changed or not. Ideally, you are looking for a sander which allows you to vary the speed. When that happens, you can be sure that you would be able to get a better finishing. Also, variable speed would ensure that the sander is much more versatile as compared to a normal sander which does not allow you to change the speed.

  • System for collecting the dust

The process of sanding always produces dust. That is why, while choosing the sander it is important to look at the system of dust collection. You have to ensure that the dust is accumulating within or near the machine itself rather than spreading in the atmosphere around the room. This protects people who are operating the sander are not impacted by the dust. You have to also look at the capacity of dust which can be collected by the sander. Many times, additional vacuum systems are also provided in the sander in order to ensure that it sucks the dust which is produced by the sander. This ensures that the dust does not spread at all.

  • Noise produced

In most of the cases, the commercial sanders operate throughout the day. That is why it is vital to look into the amount of noise which is produced by them. Ideally, you should be looking for a sander which produces noise of less than 95 dB. This helps you to use the sander throughout the day without any problems. The sound generated would not cause any physical harm to the person operating it if it is below 95 db.

  • Vibration produced

Another thing which matters when you’re choosing the sander is the amount of vibration which is produced. Ideally, the amount of vibration should be on the lower side. Also, there should be some mechanism in order to absorb this vibration so that the machine can be operated more easily.

  • Size of the sander

You have to check at the size of the sander in order to find out whether it can be accommodated in your premises or not. In addition to that, you have to look at the size of the sander itself as well in order to find out what are the dimensions of the material which can undergo the sanding process in a single instance.

As you can see, rather than choosing any kind of sander, you have to check a few things which help you decide whether this sander is a good option for you or whether you should look at it’s peers.

two stage drum sander

Tips to use a drum sander

Many people do not have an extensive amount of experience when it comes to using this type of sander. Therefore, today we would share with you a few tips in order to use the drum sander in the right way.

1. Using extension tables

In order to support the piece of wood or any other material which you are sanding, it is a good idea to use the extension tables on both the sides. This helps you handle large pieces for sanding quite easily. The number of workers which are required in order to get the job done also get reduced to significantly when using large extension tables. These extension tables can easily be attached the sander.

2. Having extra sandpaper roll

The sandpaper role in this type of sander loses its effectiveness over a period of time. That is why it is always a better idea to have an extra roll so that you are able to replace it as soon as possible.

3. Do not use the normal extension cord

You need to keep in mind that these type of sanders require a high amount of voltage, as well as power and that, is why, instead of using the normal extension cords, you need to use the wire which is provided by the drum sander. You need to keep in mind that the normal extension cord would not be able to handle the high voltage which is required by this type of sander. That is why, if at all the normal cord of the sander is not reaching the electrical outlet, you have to check into the specifications of the cord of the sander and thereafter buy a specific extension with that rating. You should never try to use the normal wire extensions in order to power the sander.

You need to examine the voltage rating of the cord of the sander and thereafter buy an extension accordingly.

4. Using proper safety mechanism

While using the sander, it is important to use the proper safety accessories. This would ensure that you are protected from the dust which is generated. In addition to that, you would also be protected from any sparks which might be generated.

5. Sanding the right way

You have to always sand the object in the direction of the grain. This would ensure that the grain remains intact and also the polishing finish looks good enough.

Thus, when you’re using a sander in order to polish something, it is important to follow these few tips in order to get it done the right way.

Advantage of Sander over planer

One of the main advantages of the drum sander over a planer is that it helps you in getting the polishing done according to the grain of the surface. This ensures that the finishing which you get after polishing is much more superior.

So, if you’re looking to buy a drum sander, it is important to look into these few aspects and thereafter, you can choose the right kind of drum sander.

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