Hướng Dẩn Làm Món Cá Lốc Hấp Bầu, Món Ăn Dân Dã Miền Tây Sông Nước

ca loc hap bau

ca loc hap bau

Nhắc đến miền Tây, mọi người thường nghĩ đến vùng song nước trù phú với những cánh đồng ruộng lúa mênh mông, là những con sông uốn lượn, những con người dễ mến với cuộc sống hào sảng dễ thương. Ẩn trong đó là một nền ẩm thực phong phú với vô số món ăn dân giã, dễ làm nhưng hương vị thì ngon không tả hết, những món ăn ngọt ngào như chính những người dân nơi đây. Cá lốc hấp bầu là một trong những món ăn như thế, một món ăn làm cho người thưởng thức phải trầm trồ khen thưởng.

Cứ mỗi mùa nước về là mùa bắt cá ở miền Tây, cá nhiều không đếm xuể, từ các loại cá rô, cá bông lau, cá kèo đến cá lốc, cá mại, cá linh non… Cá ở nơi đây rất dễ bắt và có rất nhiều ở các kênh, rạch, sông suối, nơi nào có nước là nơi đó có cá…thậm chí ngoài ruộng cũng có thể bắt được những loại cá này. Để bắt được cá, người ta cũng có rất nhiều cách như dùng đơm, rổ, chài, lưới…ở những vũng nước cạn có thể dùng tay để bắt dễ dàng. Cá lốc ở vùng này rất nhiều, đến mùa mỗi nhà có thể bắt đến vài bao cá cũng có thể. Cá này có thể chế biến nhiều món như canh chua cá lốc, cá lốc nướng trui, cá lốc hấp bầu, bánh canh cá lốc …món nào cũng ngon và hấp dẩn bởi thịt cá lốc vốn dĩ đã ngọt sẵn nên chế biến món nào cũng ngon, ăn cũng ghiền cả.

Món ăn này được chế biến từ nguyên liệu chính là quả bầucá lốc. Bầu chọn quả to vừa, đừng già quá, cách sơ chế là cắt 1 mảng 1 bên lấy ruột để cho cá lốc vào khi hấp. Cá lốc cũng đừng chọn con to quá, khi cho vào quả bầu sẽ không vừa, nên chọn con có kích thước nhỏ hơn quả bầu. Sau khi làm vảy sạch sẽ cho cá vào quả bầu đã cắt sẳn, thêm ít gia vị như mắm, đường, bột ngọt, tiêu…thêm ít ớt kiểm, tiêu xanh, hành lá để khắc mùi cá. Xong xuôi cho vào nồi hấp, hấp kín chừng 30 phút cho gia vị thấm vào thịt cá là có thể dùng được.

Thịt cá lốc ngọt sẳn cùng vị ngọt tự nhiên của bầu, khi ăn cảm giác sẽ rất dễ chịu. Món này chấm cùng nước mắm ngon với ớt sắc là hết xảy. Có thể dùng chung với bún hoặc ăn cùng cơm trắng, cuốn bánh tráng với rau sống cũng rất ngon, thêm xị rượi trắng là đúng chất dân dã miền tây. Nhắc đến món ăn dân dã miền tây mà quên món kho quẹt thì thật là thiếu xót, cách làm kho quẹt ngon cũng đơn giản, bạn nào thích thú có thể tìm hiểu và thể hiện khả năng bếp núc của mình ngay nhé!

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10 Tips for Great Cruise Dinner

Dinner is one of the most special moments of a cruise, especially if traveling with children. It’s ideal for the family gathering after a day full of emotions now. Here are some tips for dinner, if you travel with your children:

Top Great Cruise Dinner read more

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Place Mandatory For The Traveler

A visit to a previously unexplored places is one of the valuable experience which is certainly very impressive. Not only that, visit to this unique place can be an exciting experience to fill the holidays. Places that are suitable for the plan your adventure is one of the natural attractions that anti-mainstream. For those of you who have long struggled in the world, traveling has certainly always thirst for visiting beautiful places that existed in Indonesia. According to the survey, to visit all the Islands in Indonesia takes a long time. Anyway, it’s cool once in Indonesia.

love traveling read more

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7 Signs You Are a Good Traveler

good travelerEveryone can be a traveler, but not everyone could be a good traveler. A good traveler not only to travel but also could give the impression to others. The impression can be given to a traveling companion or others who heard or read the story of someone who has just done a traveling.

Traveling alone has now become a new lifestyle among young people, not merely need. Unfortunately, many of them are not capable of being a good traveler to do things that are not appropriate in tourist places they visit. When visiting a tourist spot, whatever it is, as much as possible not to do things that are not appropriately performed by a traveler. So, this is the seventh sign in if you are a good traveler read more

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Discover Cai Be float market in one day from Ho Minh Chi City

Travel and discover a lot of stuff in just a day tour from Ho Minh Chi-city to Cai be floating market. It is situated on the Mekong. Having a fully day tour can give you a great overview of Vietnamese life. On the way to Cai Be, you will see green paddy fields stretching like a patchwork towards the horizons. If you are on a private tour, tour guides will pick you up as early most likely 7 in the morning, Tours will bring you to the overlooking of the rice fields to take pictures and make memories, then next a rowing boat will come to fetch you going to “Cai Be Market” you’re going to immerse yourself into the world of flee market. Addition to the tour you’re going to visit a small family business to see how coconut candy and crispy rice popcorn are made. And you have the chance to visit their local garden and enjoy fresh fruits, honey tea and folk songs. Cai Be is one of the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta. In Ho Chi Minh city can booking a tour to here Mekong tours.

Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping. Shoppers get ready the jump and hop in this new and exciting market in town! Discover “Cai Be Floating Market” from a one day tour from Ho Minh Chi city. Enhance your cultural experience to the next level. This river market is still a popular attraction for tourist. During morning is the best day to shop on this floating market and it is a wholesale item which means cheaper. It’s a market that uses different small boats as their stalls or boutiques. So what to discover in this trip? Discover their culture how to they do the trading in their market. You’ll learn the boats identification of what they are selling by hanging sample products on their long pole which make it easier for the buyer to find a boat that sells what you need. You can buy a lot of vegetables and fresh picked fruits, different delicacies that they offer at a low price. The hustle and bustle atmosphere here is different from urban’s voices of people bargaining mixed rowers’ singing and the sound of paddle boats, which make a living of local people lively. read more

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The Knife: A Versatile Survival Tool

Many backpacking enthusiasts will tell you that it isn’t enough to walk through a trail once – whenever you go out into the wilderness in an attempt to commune with nature, you are subjecting yourself to a totally new experience, each and every time.

Though it is guaranteed that everyone who takes the time to do some decent backpacking will, in some way or form, experience and take in the absolute beauty of nature, there are no guarantees of complete security and safety when you are out in the wilderness. Anything can happen out in the wild – that also includes the possibility of getting lost or losing your way, even if you’ve traversed one particular path more than once. The landscape changes with every season, and what could be considered seen as familiar during the spring can be totally erased during the winter.

A Versatile Survival Knife

It is important for you to have a knife – not just in your bag, but on your person (strapped around your neck or somewhere on you that isn’t easily lost even if you lose your bags, or even if you find everything washed away by a river). You can lose everything else, but a knife keep you going indefinitely in the wild, with the right knowledge and a sound mind.

If you’ve lost your way and if you have nothing else but these two items, you are definitely in a survival situation; but do not be afraid! The knife can get you what you need! See the following possibilities:

  • In a decently wooded area, your knife can be used to chop branches off to serve as frames and covering for a temporary shelter.
  • A knife can help tremendously in making a clearing where you will be staying while you wait for rescue .
  • With a knife and a steely eye you can look for fallen and low hanging branches whose wood can be whittled to utensils, and ultimately, firewood.
  • The polished blade can be used to reflect light to signal any helicopters or search planes.
  • Fresher twigs can be used as cordage to tie wood together for shelter, or
  • You can make a hunting spear with your knife firmly tied to the end of a long, sturdy stick, perfect for fishing.
  • A knife can chop a sapling and reduce it to tinder, and, used together with a spark rod, a knife could light a fire for you.

With a knife, your rate of survival increases dramatically, as with it you have the means to make shelter and fire, and even gather food. If you already have a knife, it pays to keep it maintained by keeping it clean and sharpened, ready to use at a moment’s notice. The best knives are the ones with the least amount of parts; experts will tell you that it is advisable to look for knives that have the handle and the blade in one whole metal piece, just so it could take more punishment and accomplish more for you.

Anything you carry in outdoor must be a good one. For that, you have to see the backpacking knife or backpacking stove reviews prior to buying it. Yes, you can leave everything behind, and with the proper training and practice, you could help yourself and even any loved ones that tag along, all with just a good knife.

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Few Amazing Facts Why Travel Alone

Traveling is really exciting if you will share it with your partner, your family, or your friends. However, try to go for a solo travel, whether you are single, with a partner, introvert or extrovert individual. You may enjoy some of the many amazing benefits of solo travel.

Easy Logistic

When you plan to travel with a group, then there are some difficult circumstances that you may encounter. It is somewhat challenging in your part to coordinate your plans with those busy individuals within the group. There are also instances that the free schedules did not match with each in every one of you within the group. Thus, you will surely experience difficulties in planning the possible dates of the travel. If you don’t want to encounter this difficulty, the best thing that you will do is to travel alone. However, if you really want to travel with your group, you need to plan ahead of time. You must plan as early as possible to file an early leave so that all of you can settle your free schedules.

Your Hidden Company

If you are new of spending time alone, then try to go for a solo trip. If you seldom go on a solo travel, you might be surprised by the level of enjoyment it will offer to you. When you are alone, you are spending more time to know more about yourself. Being alone, you will have the opportunity to listen to your own thoughts without entertaining the remarks of others. When you are alone, you have all the time to listen to your own dreams. Depending on your chosen destination, choosing a solo travel is introspective, powerful, and a life-changing experience. You will surely enjoy a morning walk on a beach, or sitting in a Nipa hut while watching the sunset and enjoy a cup of tea.

why you should Travel Alone

Extrovert Personality

If you have an extrovert personality, enjoying a solo trip will help you gain new friends by meeting the locals of a particular community. More often, those individuals who travel alone seems more friendly to others. Before you notice it, you are talking with the natives of that certain community. However, you must keep in your mind that if you are staying on a different society, you must be open-minded when dealing with them. If you are in a foreign place, try to keep approachable attitude.


Try to choose a solo travel, it will create you asmarter, and a better person. Moreover, the thought of solo travel is self-empowering. A solo travel will let you deal with your fear of being alone. Once you experience of being alone, you will determine your strengths. Moreover, you will have a good view of your weaknesses and how to effectively deal with it based on your strengths.

Heart Refreshing

For you to refresh your undying love to your partner, it is advisable for both of you to once in a while go for a solo trip. It is really refreshing for lovers to enjoy a vacation away from each other once in a year. This is an ideal way of enjoying each others interest while strengthening the aspect of trust in the relationship. If you like the place, you can always go back with your loved one to that particular place.

Not all activities are enjoyed with a group. There are some activities like traveling that are best enjoyed without a company. However, if you decide to travel alone, you must make sure that your hired travel agencies have appropriate tour guides who will assist you.

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Lady Wanderer: New Adventures, New Learnings

If you want to deeply enjoy the beauty of life, then be a lady wanderer. Through traveling to numerous places across countries, you will experience new adventures that corresponds to new learning.

Even if you’re staying in an energetic city with an ideal job and having an active lifestyle, you cannot  neglect the truth that only through traveling can offer unique and unforgettable experiences. Visiting foreign countries will give you the opportunity to open your hidden interest about how other communities lives. After you travel, you will return home with satisfaction in your hearts appreciating the cultures and traditions of other countries while achieving a broader view about the world where you live. Always remember that you only have one lifetime to live. Thus, enjoying your life through visiting new places is like enjoying a once in a lifetime experience.

Find Your True Self

One of the main reasons why a person chooses to travel is to find their own self. When you travel, you will have enough opportunity to discover and know more about yourself. If you want to discover more about yourself, find a trip involving cultural significance. Cultural relics will inspire you to see things and to appreciate yourself in a greater value.

Through traveling, a new perspective in life is yet to be discovered. If you want to try new things, then you must decide to leave your comfort zone, go to a foreign land, meet new people, involve yourself to a different culture, and enhance your new you. You may choose to travel alone, with your partner, or with your group.


Embrace Foreign Cultures & Traditions

Traveling does not only provide a good amount of adventure. It also provides you the opportunity to taste and experience the cultures and traditions of various nations across the globe.

If you are exposed to new cultures, you will have a wider understanding about the world. You will refrain yourself from comparing one country to another country. Through traveling, you will be motivated to try their cultures like tasting their own food, wearing their traditional clothes, and sometimes, you will learn to speak few words about their own languages.

Widen Your Business Opportunities

You can also gain when you are traveling. You can actually expand your business while you are enjoying a peaceful scenery of the place. When you have a vacation trip, you will meet different kinds of people, from a plain tourists to those individuals who travel for business purposes. If you are lucky, while meeting new people, you can meet businessmen who are on the same field of business like you. By these, you can open up with him about your business and there’s a possibility of expanding your business with his help.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a short-time or lifetime partner, then try to book a trip. Who knows, your destined partner is waiting for you in a certain restaurant in Paris. Don’t be too strict, you must let yourself enjoy the true beauty of life through discovering new places around the world. The beauty of nature is always available for you to visit. The only thing that you need to do is to decide what place you want to visit first.

If you have plans to travel this coming winter months, then you must plan as early as you can. You can visit online travel sites for travel choices about the best places to visit during winter season. Some of them may come with travel packages. This is ideal if you will accompany your family with you.

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