The Way to Utilize Dr. Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer

It can say that Dr. Brown’s bottles are equipped a unique system of venting. Thanks to that, the flow with the similar pressure to breastfeeding is created. According to the manufacturers of Dr. Brown’s bottles, this system prevents the air bubbles that are created while the baby is feeding. Correspondingly, fathers and mothers can have peace of mind that their baby will not get colic. On the other hand, the Dr. Brown bottle still has the vent reservoirs and inserts, which most other bottles don’t have. The Dr. Brown sterilizer is considered as the best bottle sterilizer that is produced to steam the baby bottles. Right now, I will share with you how to sterilize the Dr. Brown bottle with the same brand sterilizer. Let’s see!

Steps to Sterilize the Baby Bottles with the Dr. Brown Sterilizer Properly

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Ideal Snack To Reduce Appetite: Prunes for Weight Loss

Prunes are considered an excellent way to achieving desirable weight. Despite the high calorie content of the product (260 kcal on 100 g), a handful of prunes a day will perfectly fit in your program of weight loss.

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10 Ways To Accelerate Your Metabolism

To speed up metabolism – a cherished dream of every person watching their weight. But everyone has a different rate of burning out calories and it also depends on many factors.10 ways to accelerate your metabolism

ten ways to accelerate your metabolism

To some who are lucky, the fast metabolism is inherited: the male body even at rest consumes more calories than the female. In addition, most people have their metabolism gradually slowing down after 40 years. Yes, we can’t change your age, sex and heredity, however, there are other ways to accelerate your metabolism. Want to learn how to do it? read more

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