Types of gears needed for rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport and is only good for those people who love taking risks. If you are a coward, you are less likely to succeed in this sport or even take your first step. You cannot go rock climbing without the right equipments. It is a must that you have the necessary equipments to embark on this journey if you want to be free from injuries.
climbing gearmostly depend on the type of rock climbing activity that you are involved in.

Sport climbing

Rock climbing is not a cheap affair. Most of the equipments that you will need will cost you but if this is your passion, then the cost will not really be a big issue as you are looking at the big picture; the fun you get from climbing rocks. When sport climbing, you will need bolts. These are not expensive considering the other equipments that you will need. Other gear that you will need include a rope, quickdraws, and a rock climbing harness. Sport climbing is not an activity that you go into alone. You will need to find a partner to accompany you. To make the cost easier, it is logical to share costs with your partner. read more

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Why should you not break the rules of Climbing?

Someone say that mountain climbing is a journey of the heart. For those who want to interpret, climb the mountain does have a meaning more than a regular trip. There are many lessons that we can pick from it.

Mountain climbing is a reflection of the journey towards success. There is an incline which must be traversed in order to arrive at a specific goal. Indirectly, mountain climbing is a media to forge themselves into a more formidable personal and hardiness.

Unfortunately, many of today’s climbers are less interpret on climbing. They made the ascent as the event to “show off” and just follow the trend. Without a sense of shame, they violate the regulations that should be observed.

It’s no secret that the public now has become such a mountain of trash. A lot of trash everywhere. This is exacerbated by the existence of some climbers who violate the limits as well as the ethics of climbing.

The number of climbers who truly love nature and adhering to the code of conduct is indeed very much. But, climbers are destructive to one glass of milk. An act of infringement on the mountain, as a result, can be felt by all climbers. So, we should still be good climbers because it violated regulations in the mountain was much hurt.

  1. Self-defeating

If we break the rules and ethics of climbing, then we must bear all the consequences. A consequence which certainly self-defeating.

For example, if we are breaking the final ascent on Semeru, if an incident then we have no right to blame others because that is the result of our own mistakes that violate the limits of climbing.

  1. Others rules

This proverb is very suitable if addressed to a climber who violates rules of climbing.

For example, if we violated the limits of climbing and an accident occurs, of course, we need SAR team to evacuate. Usually, if there is an accident on the mountain then the ascent to the mountain will be closed for a while.

In addition, it will be inconvenient SAR team, we also have dismayed our friends who want to climb the same mountain.

  1. Damaging nature and landscape

Throw garbage on the mountain had done all climbers everywhere. In addition to the environmental damage in the mountain, it will also damage the natural scenery in the mountain. If your goal into a mountain just to take out the trash and doing vandal acts, should sleep alone in the house.

  1. Not Cool

No need lengthy explanation. Breaking the rules of climbing it is absolutely not cool and not smart.

  1. Follow the specific route

Most of the time, new climbers try to reach the top of the hill by choosing a short route. But after sometimes they failed to reach. Because, maybe these routes are totally different. So, you have to know the best route before start climbing. I hope these methods will help you.

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