7 Signs You Are a Good Traveler

good travelerEveryone can be a traveler, but not everyone could be a good traveler. A good traveler not only to travel but also could give the impression to others. The impression can be given to a traveling companion or others who heard or read the story of someone who has just done a traveling.

Traveling alone has now become a new lifestyle among young people, not merely need. Unfortunately, many of them are not capable of being a good traveler to do things that are not appropriate in tourist places they visit. When visiting a tourist spot, whatever it is, as much as possible not to do things that are not appropriately performed by a traveler. So, this is the seventh sign in if you are a good traveler

Do Not Litter

The campaign to encourage someone to not littering, especially in tourist spots, in fact never stops and is always there. However, such a campaign is often also just doing decoration for those who are apathetic about the environment and want their own wishes.
If you look at some of the mountains in recent years, a lot of garbage scattered remnants irresponsible climbers. Worse, the garbage they left behind is mostly inorganic garbage that cannot be parsed. So, if you are a good traveler you certainly will never do this misconduct, wherever you go.

Don’t do action that damaging beauty

Doing vandal actions will indeed show great talent as an artist. But, activity was in its proper place, not in a tourist spot. Moreover, tourist attractions nuanced nature! Graffiti vandal still frequently encountered in tourist spots. Sadly, if you see a statue or stone into a historical site and then filled with scribbles are not supposed to be there. If you want to show the existence and finding space to express ideas, look for the right place so that you will be recognized as a great artist. Again, the true traveler would never do this kind of inappropriate action.

Respect the other traveler

A good traveler will surely appreciate the rights of a fellow traveler. If you are traveling with a group of other countries or at least a stranger, keep your attitude in order to stay comfortable and enjoyable trip or when you are visiting a particular tourist spot then get the best spot to take photographs, do not forget to give the opportunity to other visitors. Because, the tour is not private property. There are still many other things relating to respect another traveler. In essence, give the impression that you are a traveler that is nice.

Do not perform illegal acts

A good traveler certainly would never take actions that are illegal or not permitted. Many things that actually should not be done during a sightseeing trip but often violated by the tourist / traveler. The easiest example is picking edelweiss flowers for those who traveled to the mountain.

Another example is when visiting the museum. Some museums to apply a rule that visitors are not allowed to take photographs. So, understand the rules before visiting certain places and be a good traveler to comply with existing regulations.

Appreciate the local wisdom

Local knowledge is something that is very interesting and could be a potential to attract tourists. As a guest should have been for us to appreciate each local wisdom.
Some traditions in Indonesia may not correspond with the confidence that we have adopted. Again, Indonesia is a heterogeneous country. Our obligation is to appreciate every existing culture. After all, diversity is what makes Indonesia into a beautiful country.

Able to be flexible and not rigid

A traveler should not be stiff, especially related to the itinerary. In practice, you may have to cancel the visit certain places because one thing and another. In this case – especially if you are traveling troupe leader – you are required to be flexible and creative. No need to schedule if the situation does not allow.

In addition, it is recommended do not stiff against travel schedules, you also should get used to not be rigid against new people. You will surely meet up with new people every time. Be a nice person. Chat with the person sitting next to you.

Share travel stories to others

Last but not least. Tell the story of your journey to others so that they too can feel what you feel during the trip. There are many ways to share the story of your journey to others. One of them is through the blog.

It’s been an awful lot of blog platform that you can use to write travel stories. If you do not have a blog to write stories you can submit a story of your journey to some website. Trust me, the story of your journey is too valuable to be enjoyed on its own.

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