10 Ways To Accelerate Your Metabolism

To speed up metabolism – a cherished dream of every person watching their weight. But everyone has a different rate of burning out calories and it also depends on many factors.10 ways to accelerate your metabolism

ten ways to accelerate your metabolism

To some who are lucky, the fast metabolism is inherited: the male body even at rest consumes more calories than the female. In addition, most people have their metabolism gradually slowing down after 40 years. Yes, we can’t change your age, sex and heredity, however, there are other ways to accelerate your metabolism. Want to learn how to do it?

Strengthen muscles

Our body constantly burns calories, even when we are not doing anything. And the more muscle you have, the higher the metabolism. For each pound of muscle tissue the body spends more than 28 kilocalories while one pound of fatty tissue takes a little more than 10 kilocalories. Strength training activates muscles throughout the body which further boosts your metabolism.

The more the load –the more intensive the metabolism!

Aerobic exercise does not promote muscular mass, however, they activate the body’s metabolism. The main thing is to calculate the load. Keep in mind: the higher the load, the greater the metabolic rate and the longer it will remain high. Therefore to accelerate your metabolism, increase the load in the gym or add short jogs to daily walks.

Drink more water

To burn calories the body needs water. Even at a mild dehydration the metabolism is slowed down. It is proved that the people who drink 8 glasses of water a day, burn calories much more intensively, than those who drink only 4 glasses. To prevent dehydration, drink a glass of water before each meal. Besides, do not forget that it is much more useful to eat juicy fruit and vegetables, than crackers or chips.

Drink beverages with ice

To digest cold drinks the body expends more energy. Scientists found out that five-six glasses of water with ice a day allow to burn up to 10 additional kilocalories. At first sight, it isn’t enough. However in a year these 10 kcal will allow you to lose weight for 1,1 lbs, and this is without any efforts and diets. The same effect will be achieved by drinking tea or coffee with ice, of course, if you don’t flavor it with cream and sugar.

Use spices

Foods flavored with spices contain substances that stimulate the body’s metabolism. One teaspoon of red or green ground pepper increases the metabolic rate by 23%. However, this effect does not last for long, about half an hour. But if hot dishes are present on the menu regularly, the result will surpass all expectations. Therefore to increase the metabolism, sprinkle with red pepper Pasta, stewed meat and other dishes.

Use more protein

To digest protein, the body spends almost twice more calories than splitting of fats or carbohydrates. And though the food has to be balanced, the replacement of some carbohydrate products to protein rich food dishes with low fat will accelerate metabolism. Lean beef and pork, fish, white chicken meat, tofu, nuts, bean, eggs and the fat-free milk products are to healthy sources of protein.

Drink black coffee

Coffee lovers enjoy not only its incomparable taste, but also energy inflow after the favorite morning ritual. And did you know that actually some “side effects” of coffee are bound to short-term increase in metabolic rate? In one research it was proved that after drinking two cups of coffee a woman who weighs 143 lbs burns up to 50 additional kilocalories. However we are talking about black coffee with no additives. If you add cream, sugar or syrup, the body will have much more calories than will be spent.

Drink green tea

Green tea contains coffeine and catechines which activate the metabolism of the body by almost two hours. According to some information, 2-4 cups of green tea allows the body to use up to 50 additional kilocalories a day. And in a year this digit turns into 5,5 lbs of weight loss.

Avoid radical diets

The rigid diets based on the consumption of less than 1000 calories a day, are pernicious for the idea of an active metabolism. Despite the fact that they in principle help to lose weight, most will be lost at the expense of muscles. And, as you already know, the less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism. As a result after such a diet the body will spend much less calories than before.

The best plan

To constantly maintain your metabolism at a high level, you first need to strengthen your muscles and be physically active. The more you move during the day, the more calories you will burn. Also, remember that it is most useful to train in the mornings: the simple morning exercises will accelerate your metabolism for several hours.

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